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Global Presence

Surrounded by a highly qualified team, Opus Aero has the in-house capability to lead the prospective Client through the entire aircraft sale or acquisition process around the globe.

Since its creation, Opus Aero has taken pride in transacting worldwide, with a record number of large-cabin jet sales, including Boeing BBJs and Airbus ACJs.

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Industry Specialists

The diverse abilities of the team will provide an exclusive access to major financial institutions, customs brokerage organisations, technical centers, operators and management companies around the world to help achieve a smooth transaction.

In addition, Opus Aero’s in-house technical team exists as a truly valuable asset to providing the best possible advice during contractual negotiations.

Opus Aero’s also helps Clients to oversee interior modifications or major refurbishment of both new and previously owned aircraft.

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Exclusive Approach

To guarantee the finest service, Opus Aero focuses on the elaboration of Exclusive Mandates, which will define the terms and conditions of the relationship with the Client.

The Exclusive Representation is a strategic starting point to ensure a direct communication between all participants involved in a transaction.

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Our services

  • Estimation of the aircraft value by using market knowledge, research and network
  • Precisely determine a price in accordance with the seller’s wishes and the market value
  • Implementation of the aircraft’s marketing strategy by organising a photography session, creating a brochure, and placing advertisements in strategic business aviation media outlets
  • Identification of a qualified buyer
  • Strong contractual negotiations
  • Thorough supervision of the Pre-Purchase-Inspection
  • Compliance verification, de-registration and closing procedures
  • Sourcing, trading and remarketing of aircraft by targeting medium and large, recent to mid-age jets
  • Capacity of investment in a business jet trading platform
  • Capability of buying and listing an aircraft within a limited amount of time
  • Capability of taking an aircraft in trade when a seller is seeking novelty
  • Detailed analytical study of the market, based on the Client’s personal requirements
  • Identification of an aircraft suited to the Client’s needs
  • Strong contractual negotiations. Opus Aeronautics maintains deep bonds with specialized law firms to help Clients achieve the best legal agreement
  • Performance of a thorough technical survey in an approved Service Center
  • Compliance verification, certification and registration procedures
  • Closing and successful delivery