Brokerage Services


OPUS AERONAUTICS is highly regarded for its work ethic and for representing its clients’ best interests at all times.

We match aircraft to your specifications in a professional and timely manner and we assume responsibility for all the important details of marketing, market research, negotiation, and contracting.

Whether we are selling or buying a new or pre-owned aircraft, OPUS is committed to providing strong, dedicated customer service and creating mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Listing services

Having your aircraft listed for sale exclusively by OPUS means that we will handle the entire process, from providing a concentrated marketing program to finalizing the transaction.

Our proven market expertise and professionalism will locate the right buyer for your aircraft at the best price. Your plane will be promoted through direct mailing, Internet advertising, and customized brochures. Our unique and specific target marketing program sets us apart from the competition and has a proven track record of generating positive results.

Acquisition Services

When we are exclusively mandated to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft, we conduct a worldwide market search to identify the best possible opportunities to find an aircraft ideally suited to your mission, at the most reasonable price.

The OPUS expertise:

  • Pricing of pre-owned aircraft
  • Maintenance and inspection issues
  • Contract terms & structures
  • Privacy protection
  • Guidance on interior and exterior design

The main steps for the acquisition of a private aircraft are:

  • A detailed analytical study of the market
  • The identification of a suitable aircraft
  • Strong contractual negotiations
  • Performance of a thorough technical survey
  • Compliance verification, certification and registration procedures
  • Closing and successful delivery

OPUS's transaction specialists handle every phase of the contract negotiation and closing for a sale or an acquisition transaction.

Our services :

  • Letters of intent
  • Purchase & sales agreements
  • Coordination and supervision of pre-purchase inspections
  • Closing documentation
  • International registration documentation
  • Coordination with lenders
Opus Aeronautics endeavors to help its clients obtain financing and to oversee interior modifications or major refurbishment of both new and previously owned aircraft.

In order to guarantee a global approach to the industry, Opus Aeronautics is very active in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our targeted marketing efforts, as well as our detailed knowledge of the market, have created a proven track record of success in the acquisition and sale of large-cabin aircraft.