About us


Opus Aeronautics is highly regarded for its professionalism and integrity in the complex field of aviation. Its success comes from a strong work ethic combined with an exclusive and qualified network of dedicated professionals.

Our responsiveness allows us to offer a service tailored to the diverse needs of our clientele. Knowledge of industry regulations enables the company to quickly find solutions that match our clients' requirements.

Surrounded by a highly competent team, Opus Aeronautics has the in-house capability to lead the prospective buyer through the entire aircraft acquisition process.

We are renowned for the trade of large cabin aircraft.

We have achieved a record number of Boeing BBJ’s transactions.

With more than 40 years of experience in the aircraft business, the Opus Aeronautics team will place all of its experience and expertise at your disposal. Opus Aeronautics is your trusted aircraft broker. 


Opus Aeronautics is successfully operating around the globe…

The main steps for the acquisition of a private aircraft are:
  • A detailed analytical study of the market.
  • The identification of a suitable aircraft.
  • Strong contractual negotiations.
  • Performance of a thorough technical survey.
  • Compliance verification, certification and registration procedures.
  • Closing and successful delivery.

Opus Aeronautics undertakes to help its clients obtain financing and to oversee interior modifications or major refurbishment of both new and previously owned aircraft.

Inorder to guarantee a global approach to the industry, Opus Aeronautics is very active in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our targeted marketing efforts, as well as our detailed knowledge of the market, have created a proven track record of success in the acquisition and sale of large-cabin aircraft.